First Look at Roses Bones Synopsis

Roses Bones is the third installment in the Royal Arcanum Series, will be published online via Amazon in 07 September 2017, and the paperback version will be published around the third week of September.

Here’s the first look at the synopsis of Roses Bones;



Once upon a time, there were mystical roses.

There’s an ancient story about Roses Bones; the wooden box of royal treasure that contains with the forbidden knowledge from the hands of archangel, and one of the knowledge tells a tale about the mystical Black Roses that can help to rectify the past.

Ever since Cathy Charlotte fears the mystery of the future, she has a strong urge to seek for Roses Bones. And with all the madness that can happen within House of Aloise, she wants to believe in the power of Black Roses that can save her royal family from the dark hearts.

But there’s a hole in her memory, like something’s gone missing. It prevents her from recalling all of the supernatural things that happened before, but everything makes perfect sense once she encounters Sylvia Elle again, who admitted as the one who erased her memories.

The angel says; you can’t save those who don’t want to be saved.

But for Cathy, she wants to believe in her own faith. Apparently, she has to encounter a terrifying journey before she can seek for the truth.


The Unexplainable Feeling of Longing: A Place Your Soul Called Home

The unexplainable feeling of longing for a place, that one does not even know and never feel like to relate with that place before, it can be a sign of recognizing the identity of a soul. Seeing a picture of a certain place may trigger a soul to feel the great longing, the feeling like they have been there before. The spiritualists believe oneself may experience the feeling similar to déjà vu, while it is also called as recognizing the true home of the soul. It sounds like soul-searching, and maybe it is.

When the unknown feeling suddenly appears, it feels like a myth that needs a body of proof. Some says it is the feeling of loneliness, but some say it is probably a strange feeling that’s called saudade. The spiritualists, and also for those who believe more about God and everything metaphysical tends to prefer the latter. Have you ever felt a weird feeling in your chest, the heavy and strong feeling of longing about something you are not sure about?

According to the; Saudade is a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves. Moreover, it often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might never return.

If one has experienced the feeling of misplace about where one currently resides, there is a possibility that the soul wants to feel the nostalgia of being somewhere out there.

The first origin nature of the soul knows what it wants, but the outer mind can’t process the unknown images that are never been there before. It is the absence of the mind that prevents the soul from reaching its peak to release a deep emotional state and melancholy. Thereafter, the feeling can baffle the mind from understanding the situation.

Maybe there are people out there, who come across with a picture of a beautiful place on the internet, and suddenly their tears start falling out of nonsense. It such nonsense to cry for nothing, but maybe it is the soul who cries, longing for a place that once called home.

Take this for example; a woman wants to go travelling, but she isn’t sure where to go, and so, when she tries to look on the internet, she comes across with many of beautiful places. Until then, she found a certain place she never saw before in Italy. Through the images, her eyes lingered, and tears starts falling. Her mind cannot process why she cries for a place she has never seen before, but she feels really relate to that place.

There are probably people that have a strange feeling of wanting something, like an urge to go away from anyone, locking themselves up from the world for a while. Sometimes a person wants to hide away somewhere far away, don’t feel like losing oneself in an alleyway. Many people won’t understand with being in a state of isolation, because it’s such an unusual thing to be happened.

That’s why it is called as the feeling of saudade. It’s not understandable, being melancholy without a reason to be known. But perhaps, one day, the person who has experienced the feeling itself can find the reason why. Since it is a matter of heart, each soul has the answer. Every journey will lead someone to learn about something.

Know the unknown, to reveal the mystery.

The article is first published on 29 July 2017,

Understanding Our Minds: Between Intuition and Assumption

Have you ever got a gut of feeling, but you weren’t sure of what you felt?

The people that are older than us tend to give a simple advice to be always sure of what we feel for ourselves, and to trust our first gut of feeling when something happened.

It is true that what we feel for the first time, especially when nothing triggers our mind to have such thoughts, it comes from our inner self, or as some of the spiritualists called it as our higher divine.

Human’s mind is mysterious and complicated to be understood. Understanding your perspective of how you see the world, either in a bigger picture or smaller picture. One can only hones their thoughts throughout life and experience. Every mind creates difference thought, depends on everyone’s surrounding.

Whether when we are alone, looking out at the street view behind the cafe’s window, or when we are in the middle of doing something in the crowd, sometimes, there is a single hunch comes into our minds. If it comes when nothing triggers our minds, there is a chance that our higher divine is trying to send a message. But sometimes when we see a certain sign, it can also work out. For example, like seeing a black crow, which some says it means that a bad omen comes for the one who sees it, such as death.

Or another example of our everyday life when we meet someone new, we usually have certain impression about someone that we don’t know after all. Such impression hovered in our minds, making us conflicted whether to think of this or that someone as a good person or an evil person.

Anything is possible, but don’t be dead sure about everything. A glimpse of thought can become a mere assumption if we don’t take things heedfully.

If that’s the case, now is time for the crucial question: Is your instinct playing a trick on you?

Between intuition and assumption, there’s a flimsy difference. One can only be certain of their instinct after a related event occurs. That is being said, human’s mind is the mystery of the unknown.

An assumption is a thought in the wake of occurrence about we think of something. It is usually born from a wishful thinking, and the result may vary, depends on one’s background, religion, and environment.

It doesn’t matter where we come from or what education we receive, it is all about our spirituality. The more we have a deeper spiritual aspect in our life, the more understanding we will receive about our intuition, and for that, we can distinguish the thoughts that come into our mind, whether it is really our instinct that takes part, or it is just a mere and shallow assumption.

​The article is first posted on 05 July 2017, 

[Poem] The Crock

The moon shone above your creep

The sun brighten under your fear

What day will become the fortnight?

They say; it’s hard to know that

That’s… when your heart melted…

Away with your empty crock


The sun and the moon,

will show you the way…

[Poem] The Fractal Debris

The house buried under the sun,

the shimmer they hid couldn’t run,

for the age they held,

no more than a hesitancy.

If one could shallow a sinner thought,

the old cabin would allure,

for the smoke and ashes to sue.

The tantrum was lifting a tragedy,

of what they said about the wood;

a frantic horror and panic.

For what they had consumed,

they might remain the same.

The cabin wouldn’t look alive,

and the brown shade would suffice.

as if the fractal debris were there to swirl.

As the only living place in the wood,

oh, the agony to lose that place has raging,

only for them to survive,

from the wild roses.

Once the wolf echoed,

they should know their place.

[Review 2] The Salt Prejudice

Review for The Salt Prejudice on Natia’s Blog:

Saya bukan pencinta cerita fiksi, novel, ataupun puisi. Sampai Salah seorang teman baik menawarkan buku ini, sebagai teman baiknya saya menerima tawaran untuk membeli buku nya dengan alasan tidak ingin menyakiti hatinya. Berhari – hari buku itu saya selipkan di sela – sela rak buku, beberapa kali buku ini sempat menarik perhatian saya ketika ingin mengambil buku filsafat yang tak habis – habisnya baca. Kemudian disuatu malam entah kekuatan apa mendorong saya untuk meraih buku ini dan memaksa saya mulai membacanya, semakin dalam lembaran yang saya buka semakin saya terbuai. Mungkin ini namanya guilty plesure, semalaman saya menghabiskan lembar demi lembar buku ini. Saya rasa ini buku yang dapat membuat saya rela di buat jatuh cinta oleh kata demi kata yang di rangkai nya, mengingatkan saya kembali akan kehadiran rasa yang ada dalam hidup ini, tidak hanya hitam dan putih, tapi ada abu – abu. Mungkin saya terlalu jauh melupakan semua kepedihan hingga semua rasa saya anggap sebagai suka cita, namun buku ini dapat membantu saya mengingatkan kembali bahwa ada si sakit, si kesal , ada si pait, si marah, dan ada si bimbang. good job fe!!

• • •

Terima Kasih banyak Natia, temen sekelasku di kampus, hehe kami sama2 mahasiswa tingkat akhir dan sedang berkecimpung dengan skripsi 😁

Ayo bagi yang kepo bisa beli buku cetak The Salt Prejudice ke aku cuman Rp. 47,000.

Selamat beraktivitas para blogger!

The New Achievement Again :D

It was 22 January in USA, while it would be 23 January in my country, Indonesia. The exciting news is that The Salt Prejudice just got another new achievement which the book achieved the Top 100 Amazon Bestsellers USA in two categories of Teen & Young Adult (Rank #28) and Metaphysical (Rank #17) since the first free promotion. Thank you for everyone supports and for all your enthusiasms for this book!

Amazon Best Sellers Rank for The Salt Prejudice (23-01-2016)

[Poem] A Prejudice of Conjugation


It was no more than a mere catastrophe that ached in my heart. Some says, going away to flutter with your deepest heart is a decision to take. But oh well—who knows of saying that mercy would skeptic our mind into a stranger on a long road tonight.


I clenched my fist hardly, I didn’t think it would hurt more than before, but what they said about some flyers—it might be true.


Some things can conjugate into thin air, it says well, I broke every rules, more than they know. Prejudice of my conjugation is a pain over the moon, but for some mountains for instance, that plays well.

In the end,

I pry well for the moon and mountain.