The 2017 July Summer/Winter BOOKS SALE by Smashwords!

It’s been a year since these books (my babies & lovers as well šŸ˜˜) have been published in 2016. Some days ago, Smashwords sent me an email, informing me about their books sale event. And then I thought, why not celebrate it together then?

My books (eBooks) are participating for Smashwords Summer/Winter Books Sale during July 2017. All for 50% off!

The Salt Prejudice: $ 1.50 USD (Regular Price $ 4.99 USD)
Royal Arcanum: $ 2.50 USD (Regular Price $ 4.99 USD)
White Foxes: $ 2.50 USD (Regular Price $ 2.99 USD)

If you’re interested to learn about my books, please kindly click on the book page section on my blog, or you can visit my Smashwords profile.

So then, let me know what you think of them!

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Date: July 1 – 31, 2017
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The New Achievement Again :D

It was 22 January in USA, while it would be 23 January in my country, Indonesia. The excitingĀ news is that The Salt Prejudice just got another new achievementĀ which the book achieved theĀ Top 100 Amazon Bestsellers USA in two categories ofĀ Teen & Young Adult (Rank #28)Ā and Metaphysical (Rank #17) since the first freeĀ promotion. Thank you for everyone supports and for all yourĀ enthusiasms for this book!

Amazon Best Sellers Rank for The Salt Prejudice (23-01-2016)

The First Achievement for The Salt Prejudice

This is a late post, because the good newsĀ already appeared since Tuesday, onĀ 19th January 2016.Ā The Salt PrejudiceĀ has achievedĀ rank # 92Ā as the Top 100Ā Amazon USA Bestsellers in Teen & Young Adult for Short Stories. It’s exciting because the bookĀ was havingĀ this achievement after five daysĀ from the publishing date.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank for The Salt Prejudice in first week

Amazon Best Sellers Rank for The Salt Prejudice in first week - 2


New Print Edition from Golden Arch Publishing



Golden Arch Publishing is under the nameĀ of indie author and her assistant managing, it is an independent publisher. We have to celebrate this early year of 2016 with a new book release.Ā The first book that published from us is The Salt Prejudice by Keefe R.D. Stay tune, because the Print edition will coming to your world!

Title: The Salt Prejudice: A Poetry for Souls

Author: Keefe R.D

Publisher: Golden Arch

Release date: Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Price: Rp. 47,000 (paperback)

*Price in Indonesian currency of Rupiah, we’re still working on shipping worldwide. šŸ˜€


But, if you’reĀ also interestĀ inĀ eBook version, here’s the link:


You can purchase Pre-Order by filling this form:



The Salt Prejudice is officially available now. Wherever eBooks are sold!

Book Promo - The Salt Prejudice1


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What does it take for us to have a courage in life?
How one of a million hearts would hold to paint their life into a piece of poem? It is all written in a single poetry. Consists of ten spiritual poems and short stories about a bitter taste of life, sadness, joyousness, and living as a human being. Thatā€™s it: A poetry for souls.