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What does it take for us to have a courage in life?
How one of a million hearts would hold to paint their life into a piece of poem? It is all written in a single poetry. Consists of ten spiritual poems and short stories about a bitter taste of life, sadness, joyousness, and living as a human being. That’s it: A poetry for souls.

[Poem] A Prejudice of Conjugation


It was no more than a mere catastrophe that ached in my heart. Some says, going away to flutter with your deepest heart is a decision to take. But oh well—who knows of saying that mercy would skeptic our mind into a stranger on a long road tonight.


I clenched my fist hardly, I didn’t think it would hurt more than before, but what they said about some flyers—it might be true.


Some things can conjugate into thin air, it says well, I broke every rules, more than they know. Prejudice of my conjugation is a pain over the moon, but for some mountains for instance, that plays well.

In the end,

I pry well for the moon and mountain.