[Review 1] The Salt Prejudice

(Actually, the first review on Goodreads, I’ve got another first review too on smashwords). Here’s the screenshot from Goodreads page:

First Review T.S.P from Dara Pratiwi

So happy, thank you mbak Dara for your kind feedback 😀 love love.

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The New Achievement Again :D

It was 22 January in USA, while it would be 23 January in my country, Indonesia. The exciting news is that The Salt Prejudice just got another new achievement which the book achieved the Top 100 Amazon Bestsellers USA in two categories of Teen & Young Adult (Rank #28) and Metaphysical (Rank #17) since the first free promotion. Thank you for everyone supports and for all your enthusiasms for this book!

Amazon Best Sellers Rank for The Salt Prejudice (23-01-2016)

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What does it take for us to have a courage in life?
How one of a million hearts would hold to paint their life into a piece of poem? It is all written in a single poetry. Consists of ten spiritual poems and short stories about a bitter taste of life, sadness, joyousness, and living as a human being. That’s it: A poetry for souls.