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My Everyday Look

This is my second time writing blog post about my lookbook. So here you go..

Let’s start mentioning my puffy hair; my hair born naturally curly, and dark brown. Back in college, some people thought that my hair was dyed brown like them, since some girls hyped up about coloring their black hair into bright brown or a few love blonde too, which both colour still become trend among Indonesian female.

Apparently, perhaps since I usually iron my hair once a week, so my hair becomes more brown by the time goes on. I had to look back to my childhood photos to check it out, and true, it was brown, just like my brother too. My parents called him “Kribo” since he had a very puffy hair. Yes, like mine. 😆💛

However, we’re proud of our hereditary look!

Now, about my daily look; today I’m wearing a casual red tee and black legging (the outfit that I usually wear at home).

Lookbook vol.2 in April 2018:

Have a nice day everyone!

**All contents are photographed and written by me**

Starting A New Phase of Fashion

I rarely write on my blogs, except when I had to do a promo. I guess by writing my mind off, I can do a proper transition (no, definitely not a vampire transition, silly!). This is the year of 2018, and I’m planning to make a space in everything. That’s it, suddenly the idea struck my mind about this thing which keeps on popping inside my head, it’s the word “French Style” and “Minimal” just came some moments ago, maybe about a month or two. I’ve heard the people in the fashion industry saying and showing all stuff as simplicity, and so I looked up to say what it’s all about. And alright, I got it why they adore the minimalist lookbook. It’s all about being broken-white, creamy pastel, and some parts of monochrome. I understood why my closest friends also always look in that kind of way, I mean as in their style. So, I got the influence from them. They got gorgeous look, by expressing their Parisian culture, and a bit of Italian that appears with the mix of dark and gold look.
I know I wasn’t used to really care about how I look. Even worse, I came looking a little bit tomboy with a plaid blouse and boyfriend-jeans back in college. Thereafter, I tried to find my color.. what I got. And I love it. I think this will be the perfect beginning of the earliest step of my new phase.

My first Lookbook in April 2018:

I chose vintage outfit that it suit my profile. I think of a lookbook to express my vibe. And now that I’m starting to recognize my own color, it feels like hometown glory, and a bit of déjà vu feeling though. I hope I can find a lot of interesting things about this soul-searching.

I hope everyone enjoy the summertime!

**All contents are photographed and written by me.**

Book Study: The Divine Message of The DNA by Kazuo Murakami, Ph.D.


Judul lengkap buku terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia ini adalah The Divine Message of The DNA: Tuhan Dalam Gen, ditulis oleh seorang professor yang pernah memenangkan Max Planck Research Award (1990) dan Japan Academy Prize (1996), beliau bernama Kazuo Murakami, Ph.D. yaitu seorang ahli genetika terkemuka di dunia. Menurut cerita bab pendahuluan di buku ini, Dalai Lama juga sangat menyukai pemaparan yang diberikan Kazuo Murakami, Ph.D. tentang Genetika Tuhan.

Saya tidak memberi highlight kuning apapun saat membaca buku ini, karena alasan melihat buku ini hanya 199 halaman, mungkin akan menjadi light reading karena cukup tipis. Tapi ada beberapa kutipan yang saya sukai, saya cukup menyesal karena tidak menandainya, hehehehehe… makanya harus membuka lembarannya lagi untuk mencari kutipan tersebut sembari menulis blog ini.

Lucunya, saya membaca buku ini saat bersamaan menonton acara TV Series Netflix berjudul Altered Carbon, yah.. ternyata mengandung kesamaan topik tentang ilmu genetika. Di antara dua media ini saya menemukan kesamaan adanya ilmu cloning (atau duplikasi tubuh fisik dengan cara mengambil sampel DNA subjek yang dituju) pada manusia.

Artinya topik ini patut untuk dipelajari, terutama bagi orang awam seperti saya hehe. Namun begitu, buku tentang genetika ini tidak akan membahas secara jauh dari sisi sains, justru buku ini menjabarkan hubungan erat antara sains dan spiritualitas. Para pembaca akan menemukan sisi filosofis dari tulisan beliau tentang makna dibalik “Genetika Tuhan” dalam diri manusia, atau istilah populer di barat adalah God’s Divine Particle.

Nah, jadi apa sih yang dimaksud dengan Genetika Tuhan? Continue reading “Book Study: The Divine Message of The DNA by Kazuo Murakami, Ph.D.”

Book Excerpt: Roses Bones

Roses Bones © 2017 Keefe R.D


It was the last day of winter 2012 in Manhattan.

People kept on humming their melancholy chanting. Their eyes were heavy with tears and anger. People were obligated to wear black coat in this Remembrance Day of Lydia Brimham’s Death. Those who won’t obey the rule would be ostracized by the folks here. It was like a culture—black symbolized respect upon her death.

The sky turned kind of dark at nine a.m. in Time Square. The Gregorian chanting was ended at the same time the snowstorm came uproar, and slowly, people dismissed themselves.

There was one who covered her neck with a red scarf, walking confidently among the crowd. Her long straight hair mingled with the snow color. Her emerald green eyes stared at the avenue, sharp and eager. She knew best how to approach, and in the count of three, she came.


Sylvie Elle was hiding her face under the red umbrella, walking in the middle of the crowd when the sky had turned bright again. She wore a black coat and a red scarf.

She had to help restoring the perfect puzzle, and her mission was to be continued. She knew how to find the right person. But then, it came a distraction, her mind went off when something wasn’t fall into place.

A week ago, she had observed the place before this Remembrance Day was held. It took place in a coffee shop with a brown canopy across the road. He was there every morning, sitting alone with the latest newspaper and a bitter cup of coffee. She always noticed his movement with her hawk eyes. And behind the glass window, she had waited for him.

Five minutes later, he walked out from the coffee shop. He was an old man, carrying newspaper in his armpit. He wore a gray flat cap and a black coat. When Elle followed him walking from behind, he turned his back suddenly to notice that something was off.

“How long have you been following me around, angel?” His voice sounded hoarse, and he chuckled afterward. “Well, if you call yourself an angel.”

She chuckled sarcastically.

“What is it that you want?” He approached her a little closer “—but firstly, I knew that you’ve been following me for a while. I don’t think such an angel would have time to grab a coffee.”

“You’ve noticed,” she murmured.

“Oh, so you think I wouldn’t know even you covered your pretty face behind your umbrella, and watching in the corner of the pavement from afar?”

“You’re smart, but—” she smiled, “life won’t just stop there. The political issue and family matters, which you couldn’t run away from all that.”

“I saw them on the television these days, still as phenomenal as they used to be,” his eyes stared away at the tall building next to them as he spoke “—making a huge mistake that goes public. They are poor little souls.”

“You’re right, it is a matter that related to your family—the Aloise,” she shouted agreed with him. “You need to be there for them.”

He glanced sorrowfully at her, but he decided to take a deep breath and just left her behind. Nonetheless, Elle followed him persistently.

“How’s she?” He asked without staring back at her. “My affection for her will be unjust with this partition between us.”

Elle could read his thought like a shallow river, since she knew instantly of whom he was referring, “Catherine is doing fine.”

He stopped walking to face her, and his mouth went crumpled along with his wrinkled forehead, and he spoke, “I don’t know if I’ll be able to meet her before I die. I’m too old for this matter.”

Elle stared pitifully at him, “You’ll find out when the time is right.”


Chapter 1—Metamorphosis

Her favorite place in here was the backyard terrace, which added with a beautiful view full of lavender flowers and the invigorating smell. New Rochelle neighborhood was only a temporary living place for her. This was Aunt Sarah’s place, located in the Bronx.

Her eyes stared boldly at the pretty flowers, looking for inspirations, and the words suddenly echoed on her mind, it was something that Elle had said before she disappeared, “You might have wondered, why this life has been leading you to a new perspective. This is the real world.”

After that day, it felt like a fresh start, as if everything had been erased from her mind. She almost forgot all of the sadness and tragedy that happened in the past. However, she felt something was missing, but she didn’t know what it was, like there was a hole in her heart.

The strangest thing, she couldn’t retrieve some moments she had with Elle and Marissa. All that she could remember that they were the caretaker of the Aloise family by now.

But after all, it was just her own thought that bothered her.

There was no precise thought at the time, especially for leaving her Dad alone in Brooklyn. She hadn’t made up her mind about what to do with her apartment in Bronx, so she decided to live with Aunt Sarah for a while.

She had been attending college regularly, so ordinary, and boring. She was in the middle of her third semester now.

Life had changed swiftly. She would turn nineteen soon this October 2013. She hadn’t planned anything significant for her future, but she already had a part-time job twice a week as an errand girl. Life seemed hard at the time that she had no idea of what to do next.

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Book Excerpt: White Foxes

White Foxes © 2016 Keefe R.D


The news had propagated around New York like no other oddity ever posted. The murder case wasn’t the only number rank in the providence company. They never played an easy game, but a dangerous one. People clamored out their name, not their tantrum.

The rumor was between the truth and lie that no one could deny their power, since the ordinary exception could be touched by anyone for the momentary phenomenon, and the extraordinary perspective was going to become one of their contemporaneity guilty.

The acknowledgment had everything dealt with the winner. People always thought about it as the higher stratum, infinity, and coldness.

On the other side, the reporters wouldn’t want to catch that, they rather gained a real tantrum and an episode of dying, because they were all believed in the oddity.

Grievously, the kindness didn’t come from the frightening assemblage of White Foxes.



Cathy Charlotte

The apartment had a good skyscraper prospect of brown building. The yellow cab taxis were parked against some small shops that seemingly dimmed out from the lights. The state that they called the Bronx was the fourth largest population in New York City’s five boroughs.

On the first Saturday of July, both of them finally decided to come to the Bronx after moved out from the Rose Hill neighborhood in the city of New Rochelle where Sarah lived. Eventually, Haile was the one who insisted to leave with peace. She was in the state of worriment, although she had a thought to have a short meditation in a mountain hill that might help, it seemed profoundly too much since her decision was final.

The lobby was truly simplicity even it looked extensive from the main entrance, merely in the Parkchester Apartment. A few residents just walked out from the elevator with their depressing faces. The new city seemingly filled with some of ignorant people, which was way different from many of smiley townsman in Bisbee. At least, there would always be someone who was kind-hearted to a new neighbor.

Cathy came up with another box to the fifth floor. At the same time she arrived, her mom thanked an old bald man who just lifted a heavy box to their door.

“Oh, let me introduce my daughter—Cathy,” and vice versa, she introduced him to her, “and this is Mr. Donald—our smiley-nice-neighbor.”

They got giggled together with his new nickname.

Swiss Donald was sixty-year-old bald man who lived next door. He was a strong man for someone at his age, and surely he had manner as he was very generous at their first arrival.

“Oh, let me bring it for you,” he forced to take away the box from her arms.

Cathy accidentally sounded jerking, “No, please,” and felt guilty about it, she quickly smiled, “I can bring it by myself, I don’t want to burden you.”

“Come on, I don’t feel that way,” he insisted and took the box away from her. “As soon as I knew there would be a new neighbor, I was so excited.”

It seemed that they were the only living people in this fifth floor. However, she felt really lucky on this first day of moving out, to have him as the man next door that unlike the rest of neighbors here, who pretended acting nescience.

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Book Excerpt: Royal Arcanum

Royal Arcanum Book Cover
Royal Arcanum © 2016 Keefe R.D


Under the dark sky, only the moon shone over the strange ravine. All that she saw was a girl who called out her name. If only she could tell who that white-haired girl was. She had a pale white skin covered with brown collared shirt. Her emerald-green eyes were remarkably bright within the darkness, staring intensely from afar.

Dreaming had never been so painful when it felt like sadness. She wanted to cry from all the things that had been terrifying her in the past three months. The haunting dreams felt like the projection of the past. She felt every moment when she saw that beautiful girl, but just—something wasn’t human about her.

If this was real, she might scream and ran away from the dream, because the girl kept on echoing one name; Kathleen.



Everything was dark as the moon covered behind the black clouds. The sky blurred and turned into the white ceiling in her bedroom. She screamed out and coughed painfully. It got worse once she realized that a warm hand had been patting her shoulder.

“Hey, wake up!” Her mom worried. “What happened?”

She tried to sit steady and woke up with her messy brown-mahogany hair and bad eye-bags.

Her mom sat worriedly beside her, bewildering. “It seems you have a bad dream.”

“I did,” she stared back at her mom’s brown eyes that looked deep and sharp. “The same dream almost every night. I told you.”

Her mom kissed her head, and went to open the curtains. “Come downstairs after you take a shower, the breakfast is ready.”


She already pushed the door open, but she held still when she could feel her daughter’s restless feeling.

“She’s calling me Kathleen for million times,” her voice was hoarse. “Precisely, my name is Cathy, short for Catherine.”

“You had been consuming too much fairy tale in the past few months, it might manifest into a dream.”

“Those books and this dream are not the same—”

“If you want to discuss the superstition with me, you should stop and hurry to take a shower.”

Cathy annoyed when her mom slammed the door. It was useless to tell her about what happened in those strange recurring dreams. Her mom wasn’t the type who believed in any kind of metaphysical stories.

But what more absurd at this time, she felt waking up as if she had not slept at all since it happened. Although it was hard to ignore, she had to rise from bed.

When she took her cell phone, Josh had sent her a picture—the one that was taken with his grandmother in Austria.

He was her best friend, the best man who had been her closest friend since they were in elementary school. She smiled, looking at their happiness. She missed the good holiday, and there was just no time for the family trip since her dad was super busied with his work. At least, she enjoyed spending last month school holiday with reading books. Nevertheless, she finally felt ready to welcome her senior year. Continue reading “Book Excerpt: Royal Arcanum”

First Look at Roses Bones Synopsis

Roses Bones is the third installment in the Royal Arcanum Series, will be published online via Amazon in 07 September 2017, and the paperback version will be published around the third week of September.

Here’s the first look at the synopsis of Roses Bones;



Once upon a time, there were mystical roses.

There’s an ancient story about Roses Bones; the wooden box of royal treasure that contains with the forbidden knowledge from the hands of archangel, and one of the knowledge tells a tale about the mystical Black Roses that can help to rectify the past.

Ever since Cathy Charlotte fears the mystery of the future, she has a strong urge to seek for Roses Bones. And with all the madness that can happen within House of Aloise, she wants to believe in the power of Black Roses that can save her royal family from the dark hearts.

But there’s a hole in her memory, like something’s gone missing. It prevents her from recalling all of the supernatural things that happened before, but everything makes perfect sense once she encounters Sylvia Elle again, who admitted as the one who erased her memories.

The angel says; you can’t save those who don’t want to be saved.

But for Cathy, she wants to believe in her own faith. Apparently, she has to encounter a terrifying journey before she can seek for the truth.

[Short Story] The Cryptic

The first time we moved in, we found an obsolete paper hung in front of the entrance door, the words said; this house is cursed, do not open!

My dad grimaced as he read that, that could be teenager’s prank. He had considered the whole sleepy town idea since some residents already warned us about the house, but there was no turning back, and he already bought it anyway.

The Victorian house looked uncanny and old. The dusts and cobwebs had been covering every corner of the space. I hated the idea if the house might be haunted by an old story and ghosts. More strangely, no mirrors hung in each bedroom, but the only one I found was in the living room. Some rumors said that the mirror was the heart of this house. Who would seriously believe that?

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The First Achievement for The Salt Prejudice

This is a late post, because the good news already appeared since Tuesday, on 19th January 2016. The Salt Prejudice has achieved rank # 92 as the Top 100 Amazon USA Bestsellers in Teen & Young Adult for Short Stories. It’s exciting because the book was having this achievement after five days from the publishing date.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank for The Salt Prejudice in first week

Amazon Best Sellers Rank for The Salt Prejudice in first week - 2