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The Salt Prejudice: A Poetry for Souls


What does it take for us to have a courage in life?
How one of a million hearts would hold to paint their life into a piece of poem? It is all written in a single poetry. Consists of ten spiritual poems and short stories about a bitter taste of life, sadness, joyousness, and living as a human being. That’s it: A poetry for souls.

eBook’s Information:

7,000 words – English Language

Release date: 04 January 2016

Publisher: Golden Arch Books

Retail  Price USD $ 2.99

Library Price USD $ 1.99

ISBN 9781310297502

Note: The Salt Prejudice is self-published book under non-exclusive imprints of various online platform. Originally published on 14th January, 2016 via Smashwords.

eBook Imprints (non-exclusive):

• Smashwords (USA)

• Amazon (USA)

• Bookrix (Germany)

Printed book (Print on Demand):

• Golden Arch Books (Indonesia)

Praise for The Salt Prejudice:

On January 19th, 2016 – Top 100 Amazon Bestsellers Book in Teen & Young Adult for Short Stories (Rank #92)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank for The Salt Prejudice in first week


On January 23th, 2016 from KDP Select Free Days – Top 100 Amazon Bestsellers Book in two categories of Metaphysical (Rank #17) and Teen & Young Adult (Rank #28)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank for The Salt Prejudice (23-01-2016)


Review for The Salt Prejudice

I don’t know much about reviewing poetry, but in my humble opinion, I would say this work has potential. It seems good to me. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

—Andrew Bushard, Author, Smashwords

been a long time seeking for a book written with different style representing more about a journey of human struggling to find home for their soul… if you have similar thought on me, u’d better read this one!
I felt like flying into another dimension when reading this, it magically brought my mind thrilled, imagining how could the author found an idea and screened every detail of places and characters on it as if she had been there watching everything. She successfully made this book alive! Then it only needs two words to desrcibe this, prodigious masterpiece!! Can’t wait for your next book, Keefe… I’ve become your fan ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

— Dara Pratiwi, Alumni Universitas Indonesia, Goodreads

Saya bukan pencinta cerita fiksi, novel, ataupun puisi. Sampai Salah seorang teman baik menawarkan buku ini, sebagai teman baiknya saya menerima tawaran untuk membeli buku nya dengan alasan tidak ingin menyakiti hatinya. Berhari – hari buku itu saya selipkan di sela – sela rak buku, beberapa kali buku ini sempat menarik perhatian saya ketika ingin mengambil buku filsafat yang tak habis – habisnya baca. Kemudian disuatu malam entah kekuatan apa mendorong saya untuk meraih buku ini dan memaksa saya mulai membacanya, semakin dalam lembaran yang saya buka semakin saya terbuai. Mungkin ini namanya guilty plesure, semalaman saya menghabiskan lembar demi lembar buku ini. Saya rasa ini buku yang dapat membuat saya rela di buat jatuh cinta oleh kata demi kata yang di rangkai nya, mengingatkan saya kembali akan kehadiran rasa yang ada dalam hidup ini, tidak hanya hitam dan putih, tapi ada abu – abu. Mungkin saya terlalu jauh melupakan semua kepedihan hingga semua rasa saya anggap sebagai suka cita, namun buku ini dapat membantu saya mengingatkan kembali bahwa ada si sakit, si kesal , ada si pait, si marah, dan ada si bimbang. good job fe!!

 —Natia Zuriah, Mahasiswa Mercu Buana, Blogger

First of all, let’s talk about the cover. IT’S FREAKING GORGEOUS. Okay, I don’t know about you, but I really like artsy things (especially pictures or videos) so I really love the cover for this book. Everything about the cover is basically just perfect!

Personally, before I read this book, I really thought that I wouldn’t like it because poetry or poem are just not my stuff but I ended up really like this book. Both the poetries and the stories were all really inspiring and beautiful. However, I didn’t have any favorites just because I thought they were all just the same, like there was no specialities in each of them. In my opinion, they’re all just same with each other which is poetry for souls (see what I did there?) 😉

Read more here. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

 —Tifany Sucipto, Blogger, Goodreads

This sentence should be hung above her bed and her shoulders: Keefe R.D. got talent.

I haven’t seen many young writers but if you look at her writing, you will know what raw gold looks like.

Talent can be a burden or a gift. I saw this in her writing style. She could go from one analogy, metaphor, or simile to another and each of them still felt new.

Innocence can be a burden or a gift, too, and I see this through her ideas about life and love. If she learns to control these gifts and stir them up, I believe I’ll be surprised at what she’ll come up with.

Unfortunately, inaccurate wordings and grammatical errors prevented me from truly basking in the sweetness of her writing. This was very, very unfortunate. Had the shore been clearer, I would’ve enjoyed the sunset scene much better. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

—Andreas Laurencius, Author of Genesis

Story Behind The Salt Prejudice:

I started to write this book on 3rd until 10th January 2016, so it was approximately about a week. Fiuh, pretty much?

I was writing the whole ten poems and its short stories in constant four days, and making cover design plus learning the self-publishing world of Smashwords in two days.

Everything started because I was planning to undergo a trial and error in a world of self-publishing before I might put the other book to born into the wild world. Since it always have a so-not-good stereotype in my country, so, it was a risky business though.

I had planned to put the book (The Salt Prejudice) to Smashwords since so many people have said that it was a good place to start. So yeah, I took a look and until now, I loves the agreement and deals they have offered me for the promo and worldwide distribution, which are all amazingly so good to be true. But that’s all the truth. I was precisely gave it a try and threw all my luck in there. It was great. Just within an hour after I published the book, someone has already reviewed it with four stars…ooouch it made my heart so flattered.

Note that the publication was originally on 4th January, because the book was a trial and wasn’t finished at that time, I gave out a free sample for three poems and its stories, until the later publication date on 10th January, I have already submitted for the new edition that available for official purchase.

I wrote while the music was being  played constantly. It made the inspirations felt so overwhelming and more vivid in my head. A little note: I was actually started listening to these songs when I had reached the fifth chapter which was The Mountain and Hills, and precisely for chapter of The Devil in You, the song of Wild Side by Cross My Heart Hope to Die was always hovering in my head like a spectrum as if echoed inside a cave. So inspired. Here are the playlist:

  1. Atlas by Yaarrohs
  2. Run by Rhodes
  3. Mountain by Yaarrohs
  4. You There by Aquilo
  5. Red Dust by James Vincent McMorrow
  6. Wild Side by Cross My Heart Hope to Die
  7. Welcome the Storm by Clann (Instrumental)
  8. White Flower by Clann (Instrumental)