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You’re cordially invited by Madness Rose to shop at our online fashion store. Pembeli yang berdomisili di Indonesia bisa berbelanja di Madness Rose, ada banyak pilihan baju berkualitas premium, dan aksesoris kekininan yang akan membuat penampilanmu, ladies, semakin superbb cool.

Mall shopping? Madness Rose aja.

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My Everyday Look

This is my second time writing blog post about my lookbook. So here you go..

Let’s start mentioning my puffy hair; my hair born naturally curly, and dark brown. Back in college, some people thought that my hair was dyed brown like them, since some girls hyped up about coloring their black hair into bright brown or a few love blonde too, which both colour still become trend among Indonesian female.

Apparently, perhaps since I usually iron my hair once a week, so my hair becomes more brown by the time goes on. I had to look back to my childhood photos to check it out, and true, it was brown, just like my brother too. My parents called him “Kribo” since he had a very puffy hair. Yes, like mine. 😆💛

However, we’re proud of our hereditary look!

Now, about my daily look; today I’m wearing a casual red tee and black legging (the outfit that I usually wear at home).

Lookbook vol.2 in April 2018:

Have a nice day everyone!

**All contents are photographed and written by me**

Starting A New Phase of Fashion

I rarely write on my blogs, except when I had to do a promo. I guess by writing my mind off, I can do a proper transition (no, definitely not a vampire transition, silly!). This is the year of 2018, and I’m planning to make a space in everything. That’s it, suddenly the idea struck my mind about this thing which keeps on popping inside my head, it’s the word “French Style” and “Minimal” just came some moments ago, maybe about a month or two. I’ve heard the people in the fashion industry saying and showing all stuff as simplicity, and so I looked up to say what it’s all about. And alright, I got it why they adore the minimalist lookbook. It’s all about being broken-white, creamy pastel, and some parts of monochrome. I understood why my closest friends also always look in that kind of way, I mean as in their style. So, I got the influence from them. They got gorgeous look, by expressing their Parisian culture, and a bit of Italian that appears with the mix of dark and gold look.
I know I wasn’t used to really care about how I look. Even worse, I came looking a little bit tomboy with a plaid blouse and boyfriend-jeans back in college. Thereafter, I tried to find my color.. what I got. And I love it. I think this will be the perfect beginning of the earliest step of my new phase.

My first Lookbook in April 2018:

I chose vintage outfit that it suit my profile. I think of a lookbook to express my vibe. And now that I’m starting to recognize my own color, it feels like hometown glory, and a bit of déjà vu feeling though. I hope I can find a lot of interesting things about this soul-searching.

I hope everyone enjoy the summertime!

**All contents are photographed and written by me.**

Madness Rose said: “Our Favorite Shirts!”

Madness Rose is a creative online print arts who sold beautiful designs and super chic and minimalist style (well, I said that.) But on the way, they manage to take a new road that is way challenging, like right now, they take pride in creating a collection they call “Summer Gold”. See the pictures to see their handpicked of favorite shirts. 🙂

Madness Rose

Summertime Summergold T-ShirtSummertime SummergoldSummertime SummergoldSummertime SummergoldSummertime SummergoldSummertime Summergold 

Our newest design “Summertime Summergold” print art on shirts is now available for shop online. Order yours!

“Summertime Summergold”

Purchase now on Zazzle

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New Online Store in Town: MADNESS ROSE!

Hi there,

I’ve just done working along with Pseudonym Perkins, my best friends. We designed new beauties of print arts for Madness Rose. We’ve been undergone some situations to deal with, by mix matching some ideal ideas, and the idea of simplicity always amaze us. And so Perkins came up with the name “Madness Rose” and of course some turbulence idea of illustrations.

There are a lot of cute products to choose! If you’re an international customer, you can go check on Zazzle (US), if you’re Indonesian, please visit Kustomable (ID).

Here’s new print arts on Madness Rose online store 🙂

Madness Rose

Madness Rose is established on March 2018, our previous brand was called Peculiar Bear. We design creative print arts for online purchase on various products such as t-shirt, mug, pillow, blanket, spiral notebook, and etc. Inspired by the imperial beauty of vintage atmosphere, born from the mix style of French and Italian Arts, fashion, and culture. We open our store on both online manufactures from USA and Indonesia.

You can visit more on our online stores here:

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Book Study: The Divine Message of The DNA by Kazuo Murakami, Ph.D.


Judul lengkap buku terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia ini adalah The Divine Message of The DNA: Tuhan Dalam Gen, ditulis oleh seorang professor yang pernah memenangkan Max Planck Research Award (1990) dan Japan Academy Prize (1996), beliau bernama Kazuo Murakami, Ph.D. yaitu seorang ahli genetika terkemuka di dunia. Menurut cerita bab pendahuluan di buku ini, Dalai Lama juga sangat menyukai pemaparan yang diberikan Kazuo Murakami, Ph.D. tentang Genetika Tuhan.

Saya tidak memberi highlight kuning apapun saat membaca buku ini, karena alasan melihat buku ini hanya 199 halaman, mungkin akan menjadi light reading karena cukup tipis. Tapi ada beberapa kutipan yang saya sukai, saya cukup menyesal karena tidak menandainya, hehehehehe… makanya harus membuka lembarannya lagi untuk mencari kutipan tersebut sembari menulis blog ini.

Lucunya, saya membaca buku ini saat bersamaan menonton acara TV Series Netflix berjudul Altered Carbon, yah.. ternyata mengandung kesamaan topik tentang ilmu genetika. Di antara dua media ini saya menemukan kesamaan adanya ilmu cloning (atau duplikasi tubuh fisik dengan cara mengambil sampel DNA subjek yang dituju) pada manusia.

Artinya topik ini patut untuk dipelajari, terutama bagi orang awam seperti saya hehe. Namun begitu, buku tentang genetika ini tidak akan membahas secara jauh dari sisi sains, justru buku ini menjabarkan hubungan erat antara sains dan spiritualitas. Para pembaca akan menemukan sisi filosofis dari tulisan beliau tentang makna dibalik “Genetika Tuhan” dalam diri manusia, atau istilah populer di barat adalah God’s Divine Particle.

Nah, jadi apa sih yang dimaksud dengan Genetika Tuhan? Continue reading “Book Study: The Divine Message of The DNA by Kazuo Murakami, Ph.D.”

The Secret that Psychic People Don’t Tell You about “Vibe”

There are many secrets in this life. Ones can only achieve the matters by learning persistently. From all the subject of metaphysical, there is one basic study underneath everything, which known as Vibe.

The word “vibe” usually means as an energy vibration that radiates from an entity or object, which reveals a true color in a form of feeling and touch that emits from that entity or object.

In certain circumstances, we probably once heard someone suddenly said something like this in the room, whether he/she said it consciously or not:

I don’t like his bad vibe.

She gives me a good vibe.

He carries a strange vibe that makes people exhausted.

She has a bright vibe that gives people positive energy.

What do you think these words mean? These words sound like common phrases to express how someone feels toward the person that he/she sees at the time.

In that case, have you ever said one of those phrases before? If you did, what kind of vibe did you feel at the time? Was it feeling positive or negative? Either of the feeling surely would emit such a vibration that the sages commonly refer as energy. Not to be confused between vibe and energy, although both of the word mean similar, but the word “vibe” is more common to be expressed in the conversation these days. When we use the word “energy”, it is as if we talk in a language of science rather than metaphysical. However, both are the terms to address similar subject. Continue reading “The Secret that Psychic People Don’t Tell You about “Vibe””

Pseudo-Science of Immortal Cells: The Controversial Awakening of Human Life

Are humans capable of living immortally? That’s the first question anyone has in mind when they’re reading this writing.

Between a controversial science and wreckage imagination, born the theory of an immortal man that the first origin came from a powerful deity. It is probably a hypocritical bullshit for the skeptics, whilst many philosophers and spiritualists believe in it.

However so, the theory doesn’t have a plausible evidence since it is just a story. In many of fiction stories, we all once heard a story resemble this controversial theory such as a vampire; a man capable of having both spiritual and physical body, living around for a hundred year and more.

Isn’t there any truth behind the story of an immortal man? In our world, in this reality we are breathing in, there was a legend about a strange European man named St. German. Many believed him to live too many lives with the same face, never aging, and always looked the same. He was involved in the history that told about the Elixir of Youth or in the ancient time that was called as the Fountain of Water, which known as the magical water that could make a man become biologically immortal.

From many legends we have heard before, there’s a fantastic story that unfortunately was banned by many religions, especially the churches, it is Book of Enoch. The problem is; why would many of religious people would fear such a mind-blowing story if it wasn’t true? Let’s be over critical now. Does Book of Enoch have accidentally told us a bitter truth of the man’s first origin after Adam and Eve? Continue reading “Pseudo-Science of Immortal Cells: The Controversial Awakening of Human Life”

ROYAL ARCANUM is available on Inkitt

Greeting, everyone!

As for today, I can finally announce this news to you; my book, “Royal Arcanum” from Book 1 of the Royal Arcanum series has already moved to Inkitt, perhaps for a while, or who knows for how long?

Royal Arcanum has been on Inkitt since 11 January 2018, I supposed? Yeah, about almost three weeks ago that the voice inside my head said, “Throw all the lucks”, perhaps the book will find its own way to the world, where its needs to be there, and demands to be heard.

For a while, Royal Arcanum won’t be available in any online retailers, but you can still purchase for the paperback version if you live in Indonesia.

Thereafter, Royal Arcanum is totally free to read on Inkitt, to find its own avid readers out there, who share similar love, passion, interest, and likeness with the story in the book.

If you’re out there, if you’re the one, and if you’re meant to be, you shall read Royal Arcanum… not only reading it by eyes, but if you really feel familiar with the vibe by heart, you’ll understand what I mean. It’s like this bell’s ringing in my head, and someone whispers in my ear; destiny’s calling. I still have no idea what does that mean until this second I write this to you, but everything happens for a reason, right? I believe in destiny. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

You can now read Royal Arcanum on Inkitt via iPhone/Android App, or you can visit Inkitt via browser here. Please click on the link to read the book, or you can click on the image below;

About Inkitt:

Inkitt is the world’s first reader-powered book publisher using an algorithm to predict future bestsellers. We offer an online platform where authors can post their manuscripts, readers can read them for free for a limited amount of time and authors with well-performing books are offered a publishing deal. Inkitt’s proprietary algorithm analyses reading behavior of users to predict the potential of novels.

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