Book Quotes – Reincarnation: The Cycle of Necessity by Manly P. Hall


I’ve just finished reading another great book last week by Manly P. Hall, he was a professor/philosopher in the field of spiritual world. I thought I’d be happy to share on this blog the quotes that I’ve highlighted in purpose for spiritual learning about reincarnation and karma. Anyway, his books are not pretty easy to find around the internet, it took me a long time to find some of his books through link by link on Google, I was actually more like stuck and lost, and surprisingly in the end, I could find his book about reincarnation.

Quotes from book “Reincarnation: The Cycle of Necessity” by Manly P. Hall

  • It is obvious that no one can be compelled to accept a belief because that belief is enlightened. ~By Way of Introduction, Pg.12
  • Literally the word reincarnation means to incarnate again, to be re-embodied, or more accurately, to be re-enflashed; to return after death to the physical of terms. ~Pg.15
  • “Immortality” simply means the deathlessness of the spirit. Immortality is agreed upon by the greater part of the human race, but as the term does not imply any necessity for physical rebirth the belief in immortality is not synonymous with the belief in reincarnation. ~Pg.17
  • “Personality” is the term applied to the complex of mind, emotion, sense, and form. Personalities are those objective parts of man’s composite nature which are discernible or uninformed. To most people reincarnation signifies the re-embodiment of their personalities. This is the key to the confusion in Isis Unveiled wherein Mme. Blavatsky insists that personalities are not reborn except under unusual conditions. ~Pg.18
  • “Memory of Past Lives” : in both the Eastern and Western schools the memory of past lives is awakened only after initiation into the Mysteries. This memory is preserved in the permanent self and may be contacted when the lower personality is lifted up by discipline into communion or participation with the self. For the uninitiated there is no advantage in remembering past personalities. ~Pg.19-20
  • There was no escape from the laws of life and death except the ultimate Nirvana. ~Previous Life of Buddha, Pg.35
  • Wisdom does not bestow immortality upon the body rather it elevates the consciousness, giving patience, and understanding. ~Previous Life of Buddha, Pg.35
  • We all believe what we desire to believe, and those who desire to be immortal attempt to believe immortality into a fact. ~Pg.40
  • To one who has lived long, long life means little; to a world that has experienced much, suffered much, mellowed with ages of existence. ~Pg.40
  • The Koran (Al-Quran) is the final authority of Islam. The enthusiastic moslem declares that not one line, not one character; not even a single punctuation mark of the Koran has ever been changed. They advance this book as the only scriptural writing in the world that has not suffered the corruption of revision or translation. ~Reincarnation in Islam, Pg.61
  • The Koran contains one Sura that is interpreted by numerous modern moslem as authority for the belief in metempsychosis, “God generates beings, and here they return to him.” This statement appears to be specific and incapable of other interpretation, but it is only fair to say that reincarnation is a disputed point in Islamic orthodoxy. ~Pg.62

Note: Metempsychosis (or rebirth) is a transmigration of the death of soul into a new body, either in human or animal form.

  • In Meshavi I Ma’Navi, Book IV, Jelalu-‘d-Din writes:

A stone I died and rose again a plant,

A plant I died and rose an animal;

I died an animal and was born a man.

Why should I fear.

This is undeniably a statement of progressive re-embodiment, and coming as it does from the most famous and revered of Islamic prophets, must be accepted as a statement of orthodox belief. ~Pg.63

  • He (Sheik if the Mevlevee Order) declares that the spirit of man has no knowledge in this life of its condition or existence in any previous one, no can it foresee its future career, though it may often have vague impressions of past occurrence which it cannot define strongly resembling those happening around it. ~Pg.64
  • The modern intellectual moslem ignore the inference of rebirth in the sacred writings. The result is that like most Christians he is dominated by an unbelief which detracts greatly from the dignity of living. ~Pg.64
  • It is a habit of most men to agree with the great, the learned, or the powerful. ~Modern Believers in Reincarnation, Pg.103
  • The great Jewish philosopher Baruch Spinoza speculated on the eternity of man and the permanence of the mind in space: “It is impossible for us to remember that we had existence prior to the body, since the body can have no vestige of it, and eternity cannot be defined in terms of time or have any relation of time. But, nevertheless, we have in our experience a perception that we are external. For the mind is sensible no less of what it understands than of what it remembers…” ~Pg.103-104
  • All growth is motivated by karma; that is, action and reaction. It is karma which makes reincarnation necessary in order that compensation may justly be administrated. ~The Cycle of Necessity, Pg.110
  • Karma is the law, and reincarnation is the means by which that law is administered. ~Pg.110
  • Man is an immortal, eternal being manifesting through an infinite sequence of bodies, each a little nobler than the one before. We are here today doing the things that we are doing today because of this sequence of lines. The things that we are doing today will become the elements of later existence, bodies without end. ~Pg.110
  • “We all retain, however faintly, memories of past lives, we frequently feel that we have witnessed a scene or lived through a moment in some previous existence, but that is not essential; it is the essence, the gist, the result of experience, that are valuable and remain with us.” ~Pg.113 * (Quoted from The Esoteric Tradition, II, 641, by Purucker)
  • Plato believed and taught that all learning was remembering, and the very word education originally meant to draw forth that which already was known. We all come into the world with abilities, talents, and peculiar aptitudes. We are destined to certain labors by the karma which we have brought with us out of the lives gone before. ~Pg.114
  • We come into this world not to be happy, primarily, but to learn. Life after life we pass through complicated experiences until in the fullness of living we learn to grow happily happiness is the by-product of our harmonious adjustment to the universal plan. ~Pg.114
  • The law of reincarnation is not applicable to animals. ~Reincarnation in the Animal World, Pg.120
  • Like the animals, the plant kingdom is not subject to the laws of reincarnation and karma, but only the law of evolution through the collective entity. ~Reincarnation In the Plant World, Pg.121
  • The laws reincarnation and karma may be applied not only to the life of the individual but to the destiny of the civilization of which he is a part. Nations and races, like individuals, are born, live out their destinies, and come to ultimate dissolution. ~Reborn Nations and Races, Pg.129

Personal Note: The reincarnation of races in Indonesia, for example: the war legend between Javanese and Sudanese races (ethnics) that still repeating itself until in nowadays, there’s the saying they fight and hate each other and if there’s ever a marriage between their race, it is prohibited.

  • The more that man is possessed by Truth, the more he manifests of God. ~The Divine Incarnations, Pg.136
  • Reincarnation is the periodic manifestation on the physical plane of an invisible spiritual entity. ~Memory of Past Lives, Pg.141
  • We are living in the light of the past whether we know about it or not. ~Pg.145
  • Life should be viewed as a rich opportunity for experience. ~Suicide, Pg.173
  • Life is not to be evaded, but to be lived. ~Pg.174
  • Live what you believe, but make sure that you actually believe what you live. ~Disciplines of Liberation, Pg.195

Personal Note: According to Manly P. Hall’s writing, he stated in chapter “The After Death State” and “The Laws Governing Reincarnation” the one that is being reincarnated, eventually is an entity behind the human herself/himself, overshadowing, and apparently not a human’s soul, which in other world, like some kind of human’s guardian angel/protector. It is stated on page 164: “The entity itself never incarnates, it merely projects the forms from itself.”


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