Will be Featured on InstaFreebie: White Foxes Book


So excited, White Foxes is chosen to be featured on the most thrilling giveaway site, which is instafreebie.com for the section “See it First”.

White Foxes is book two from the Royal Arcanum series, and will be featured on Insta Freebie Blog on Thursday, 22 December 2016.

It’s all about the eBook giveaway during this holiday! You can claim your free copy of White Foxes before the end of January 2017.

So, yeah, I decided to extend the giveaway session, because I am so thrilled to share the newborn of this newest book that I spent two years to finish, and added with the first installment, which is Royal Arcanum novel, where four years had passed with the roller coaster feeling from the writing process.

If you’re interested to get the insight of the story, please feel free to visit this link to claim your own free copy: https://www.instafreebie.com/book/21342

Have a nice holiday for everyone!

A little catch // White Foxes synopsis:

Cathy Charlotte moves with her mom to New York City.

She continues her college life, until the unexpected event forces to involve her with the undergoing of Invisible Project.

All the media and public demand to know the project’s hidden secret that reopened the case of the missing castle in Austria, accidentally reveals after the death of a female reporter is involved with the phenomenal royal family. The murder news propagates around the city, leaving those royals to be the highest suspect—White Foxes, whose existence frightens everyone.


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