The Cryptic

The first time we moved in, we found an obsolete paper hung in front of the entrance door, the words said; this house is cursed, do not open!

My dad grimaced as he read that, that could be teenager’s prank. He had considered the whole sleepy town idea since some residents already warned us about the house, but there was no turning back, and he already bought it anyway.

The Victorian house looked uncanny and old. The dusts and cobwebs had been covering every corner of the space. I hated the idea if the house might be haunted by an old story and ghosts. More strangely, no mirrors hung in each bedroom, but the only one I found was in the living room. Some rumors said that the mirror was the heart of this house. Who would seriously believe that?

The next two weeks, my mom found a box filled with random photos that was left behind in the basement, at the same day, two neighbors just came for the first time to welcome us. They said that the faces on those photos were the previous British family who used to live here five years ago, but nobody ever knew why they moved so suddenly.

The reason might be about that mirror, one of the neighbors shouted, the children of that family were crazy and sick since they lived in this house, but that was a rumor, really.

Good thing that my dad wasn’t here to listen since he was skeptic, meanwhile, my mom felt frightened, and I began to cringe at their story.

When the night came, I saw myself through the mirror. I wanted to know if it has any connection to the house. For a minute, I was startled when my mom tapped my shoulder. When I refused to sleep, my mom started to tickle me, until I hit the mirror accidentally, it fell on the ground and broke. She was mad of course, but terrifyingly, we found an old-fashioned handwriting in the back of that mirror;

Condemn us, God have eyes on you.

Slaughter us, Evil will have your heart.

That thought of mine whether they hid the clue somewhere, this must be the one. Subsequently, my mom said that she had read the same words written on the box.

We weren’t investigators, but this seemed strange. So, we observed the box once again the next morning. Apparently, we found a letter of riddle in the box.

Surely, no one dared to check on this house where bad rumors spread like bees. What we found rather oppositely, that riddle was a farewell which written by the original owner of this house in 1977;

I cursed those who kept so many mirrors since this loneliness has haunted me, I’ve buried the beautiful souls under the floor for them wander in the dark.

I dug out the nearest floor. My parents stopped yelling when their eyes finally saw hundreds of withered flowers inside random jars under the floor.


Title: The Cryptic

Writer: Keefe R.D

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Word count: 500 words


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