The Hush Hush Saga Review

This is my first book review on WordPress, actually I’m about to review four books at once. Hush Hush, Crescendo, Silence, and Finale, all by Becca Fitzpatrick. I am going to review about what I like and I don’t.

Yeay, I finished this series in about two months, I guess? (Sept – Oct)

Back in 2009, the first impression I used to have toward Hush Hush was I thought it tried to doppelganger The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer, that made me hated it, more like I resented it. But guess what, I was wrong all along in a fact beyond what I never know behind the publishing industry since there were so many similarity in both worlds of those books.

I never read it when I had that impression by just reading the synopsis in front of bookstore’s rack. I gave it a try this year of 2015, there was something that opened my mind and heart about it, like I needed to once again, looked up into it. And I did. I Googled when was Hush Hush first released,  it was 2009, just a year after the phenomenon Twilight movie was released. At that time, I thought the story was too similar, only you can replace the vampire with angel. But something broke that statement, because when I read on her site when was she first started the book, it was long ago in 2003, and when I looked back with Stephanie had a dream of Bella and Edward in 2003 too, then Twilight released in 2005, now it make sense to me. I was wrong. They had the same period of year when they got their inspirations. Only they published their work in a different time. But now they are both phenomenal internationally.

Now, my review about The Hush Hush Saga, hehe;


Title: Hush Hush (2009), Crescendo (2010), Silence (2011), Finale (2012)

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick

Publisher: Simon & Schuster 

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

What I like:

  • I like the knowledge of good and evil that the author delivered for her readers, about the forbidden book people known as the Book of Enoch.
  • The archangel and angel version are pretty good, even though they are different from any religious’ belief system. It is the contrary. But a new lesson learn.
  • Nora Grey’s adventurous life on her self-discovery.

What I don’t:

  • Perhaps, the term angel she used is a bit conflicted with fallen angel. When the beautiful creature which described as a bad kind, and you called it angel, still.
  • The contrary idea, especially about forbidden love. But it’s entertaining.
  • I found so many similarity with Twilight, starting from the plot, the biology class (I  mean, weren’t there any class Nora Grey took beside Biology in Hush Hush?), some dialogues between Nora and Patch sounded like how Edward would talk to Bella, and in the Finale (the fourth book) there were the atmosphere that resembled Breaking Dawn (the fourth book in Twilight).

℘ Thank you ℘


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