Human’s Outer Membrane

I believe every one of us have an outer membrane within our bodies. Some say it’s a shield, some say it can be your guardian angel. The more I think about it, the membrane sounds like a shield which protects us from a malevolent danger, and to guide us through this journey either in this perishable world or the unseen world.


How to know if one of us is the person with that different membrane?

      That’s the question that might broke every belief systems. Actually, every man on the earth have it, only with a different circumstances. Human given an instinct to take the road in their hands, choose something based on their mind and heart. This instrument is an instinct itself, then this shield works together as a medium from God.

      We see people walks down the pavement, the road, or wherever you see humans. There are membranes for everyone, but rarely the one with extra-extra. That’s extra is a powerful shield that attach to the people with a gift. Their shield is like their best friend, their teacher, and a mommy, who pour a true knowledge for them to learn the universe.

      When you encounter one of them, you will immediately feel a different sensation than anyone else you ever met before, like there’s an odd thing about the person, their eyes is usually deep and keen or sleepy, you get a keen feeling but deep, it’s haunting but not scary, it’s sharp that can jump you into either two slight conclusion: whether you will like or loathe the person, just in an instant second. If that’s happen, if you aren’t being neutral about the person, that’s mean you have a contrary energy with the person you just encounter, despite don’t know who is positive, and who is negative. But if you like the person, or you just being neutral, that’s mean you have at least the same kind of energy with that person.

to be continued…


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