Mia’s Story

It’s not a sin for writing, I supposed.
I am just so sick of everyone. They just want to be understood, and not understand me. I am here as a child, of a family that I don’t know whether I really belong to. They aren’t much like other family. We almost never even have a good time at travelling,even there’s money, my parents never working it out for a good family’s quality time. It was just a promise from, maybe since two years ago, and every the end of semester they always promising it to be happened, bubbling about it like they knew the plan going to be perfect, but until this second, they never make it for have a good holiday in that place. It was all has always been a practical bullshit.
I don’t know whether I am too selfish for saying all that, but we have time, and we have more than just money to make it happen. I just never like someone who isn’t consistent of their talk. I just can’t accept it.


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