Vivid Dreams

I have a dream almost every night, and it was intense. Most of it were nightmares, but the oddity that happened to me: I never been scare of it or trying to scream in the middle of the dream. Almost every encounter with those dreams, in the end, there was always someone who came to save me from the danger either women or men.

And I woke up, safely.

And I could remember almost every detail of shapes and scenes in those dreams. Sometimes, that makes me kind of hardly differentiate between the real thing or not.

But somehow, I just found my way back to their realm. It was weird of how I could come back like three times in three nights to the same place, sometimes met the same person in there.

I never scare though, felt like someone always guarding me from behind, even I couldn’t see it clearly. But she was always be there for me, no matter what.

You have no idea of what I’ve seen…


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